Writing Program Support

In our work with the Writing Program, we introduce Harvard students to methods of college level inquiry at an early point in their undergraduate careers. We emphasize the interconnections between research, writing, critical reading and critical thinking, and we do so through personal encounters, high-touch experiences with resources and collections, and, ideally, high-impact teaching methods.


The distinguishing feature of our engagement with the Harvard College Writing Program is our commitment to an individualized, course-integrated approach that is carefully tailored to each Expos course, the specific subject matter it covers and the specific learning goals of the Expos instructors. 


Some of the ways in which the Harvard Library can work with students and instructors in Expos courses include:


  • Assignment design for the research unit of Expos 20 and Studio 20
  • Course-related research sessions, in your classroom or in one of our library instruction spaces
  • Sessions with archivists or curators of our special collections:  at the University Archives, at Houghton Library, at Schlesinger, or at another site.
  • One-on-one or small group consultations with students about their research projects
  • Course-specific research guides
  • Canvas presence as a “course librarian” to encourage interaction between librarians and students at their point of need.
  • Research/Writing Bootcamps: Typically, a two or three hour "lab style" session, arranged outside of class hours, during which students draft or revise their essays in a shared space. Preceptors and course librarians are also on site to answer questions and consult with students.
  • Instruction/help with learning tools: citation management (Zotero); note-taking (Evernote, Hypothes.is, etc.); presentation software; data visualization (e.g. Tableau) and multimedia applications; and more.
  • End-of-term Drop-In Research Clinics: opportunities when the “crunch time” hits for students to get on-the-spot help from a librarian or Writing Center peer tutor.


To learn more, or to schedule a class, please contact Sue Gilroy (sgilroy@fas.harvard.edu), Librarian for Undergraduate Writing Programs, Harvard Library