Connecting Harvard History to its Surroundings

January 25, 2018

A cloth banner bearing a defiant red fist urges students to strike. An aged letter grants colonial troops permission to use Harvard Yard during the Revolutionary War and announces the accompanying campus relocation to Concord.

When students from Ariane Liazos’ expository writing class step into the Harvard University Archives — where they’re surrounded by stacks of private letters, Crimson articles, and protest buttons — they learn how many of the objects safeguarded at Harvard tell a story. [...]

Librarians Susan Gilroy and Barbara Meloni “went above and beyond — directed me and showed me how to do things,” said Toh. Without visiting the archives, Toh said, she wouldn’t have been able to understand the depth of these primary sources. Since much of Harvard’s enormous archival material is not yet digitized, an in-person visit is the only way to get close to them.

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